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Restore the lost nature.
Restore the diverse ecosystem to the neglected mountains.

Restoration of the mountains, with the locals

Gujo City in Gifu Prefecture is located in the heart of Japan. It is a mountain range located in the south of the Hida mountains, and is blessed with endemic plants.
In the past, a number of ski resorts were developed one after another as development accelerated along with economic growth. As time passed, most of them were closed down and the unused sites had been negleted, which resulted in a negative effect on the ecosystem. Brother began to commit to restore the mountains ith Gujo City, located in Gifu Prefecture, from 2008.

Joint Research with Nagoya University

By 2015, the tree-planting project had planted approximately 4,300 seedlings. However, not all of the seedlings planted could take root and grow. By carrying out an independent survey, we realized that particular types of seedlings are likely to take root in some areas, while certain types of soil in other areas will not allow these seedlings to grow. To improve the odds of seedlings taking root, we needed advanced knowledge and techniques from the academic world. We decided to team up with Nagoya University.

Aiming for a forest closer to the natural state

In our joint research with Professor Takano at Nagoya University, we tried to specify the best type of tree for each particular area through various surveys and fieldwork. These methods included attaching tags to the trees which were planted before, researching how many trees took root, collecting soil samples in certain areas, and measuring the water content of each soil type. Now, we are developing a more optimal tree-planting plan based on soil types, such as converting unsuitable areas to grassland.


Corporate Communication Dept.

Satoshi Matsumura

Through this project, we at Brother have found multiple solutions, besides tree-planting, to restore the healthy forests, such as converting some of the unused areas into grassland. This is one of the results of the tree-planting project which we have been working on since 2008, and it also points towards new possibilities for future environmental activities. We will continuously work on growing the Brother Forests in Gujo, which are teeming with diverse forms of life and deeply loved by the people of Gujo.

Project Note

Restoring the lost nature, and creating a forest loved by the earth

This tree planting activity has started in 2008, teaming up with Gujo city.
We have still a long way to go before the research will bear fruit. Even so, Luehdorfia japonica (known as Gifu Butterfly in Japan), a valuable indigenous species, often appears in the forests now. It can be said that the ecosystem is being gradually restored. Cherishing the ideal Brother Forests in Gujo, where once-disappeared plants and animals will return and where the local people can spend a pleasant time, is proof that we have surely taken a step forward.

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