Brother is greatly interested in the development of eco-conscious products. “With such a function and ingenuity, energy use can be further reduced.” With this motto in mind, we have created many products that take advantage of various kinds of energy-saving features and technologies.

Environmental performance of products

Inkjet printers/All-in-Ones

We offer printers with highly compact bodies, and all-in-one devices featuring printing, fax, copy, and scan functions. When creating new products, we always consider our environment and aim to reduce power consumption and save paper.

  • Machine Tools

    We have incorporated various energy-saving features into our machine tools, which are the best solutions for machining parts for automobiles, hard-disk drives, and cell phones.

  • Home sewing machines

    We offer easy-to-use home sewing machines equipped with eco-friendly features in order to reduce the energy consumed while sewing and also in standby.

    Home sewing machine