Home sewing machines

By making the sewing mechanism more efficient—introducing features for reducing standby power consumption, such as Eco Mode and Shutoff Support Mode, and adopting LED lights to lower power consumption—this model achieves industry-leading energy-saving performance for its class.

Energy-saving Features

Saving Energy while Sewing

Saving energy while sewing

By making the sewing drive mechanism highly efficient and by enhancing the circuit design, this model achieves industry-leading energy-saving performance for its class, while increasing the penetrating force of needle.

Eco Mode

Eco mode

After a certain period of time has elapsed, unnecessary features, such as lighting, are automatically turned off to save energy.

  • *The VF1 model’s Eco Mode can be set at ten-minute intervals from 0 to 120 minutes.

Shutoff Support Mode

Shutoff Support mode

After a certain period of time has elapsed, all functions are discontinued in order to lower the energy consumption to less than 0.5W.

  • *The VF1 model can be set at one-hour intervals from 0 to 12 hours.

LED Lighting

LED lighting

LED lighting was adopted because of its high brightness, longer lifetime, and lower energy consumption.

  • *1The brightness of the VF1 LED lighting is adjustable in five levels.
  • *2The VF1 model adopts LED lighting with a high color rendering index for natural color reproduction.
  • *3The VF1 model is equipped with seven LED lights, which evenly light up an area within a 25-cm radius from the needle position.

Independent Bobbin Winding

Independent bobbin winding

Independent bobbin winding allows the machine to wind bobbins while sewing and embroidering. The feature can increase working efficiency as well as reduce power consumption. This model also boasts a speed adjusting function to help wind bobbins efficiently for bobbin work.

Volume Control

Speaker Volume Control

Speaker volume control

The speaker volume can be adjusted.

Features for Upgrading (for extending product life cycle)

USB Ports

USB Ports

Models with USB ports enable you to download embroidery data and keep the several of the features up to date.

  • *The model with a card reader is compatible with embroidery cards (additional purchased required).

Supporting Features for Sewing

Avoiding Sewing Slippage

Avoiding sewing slippage

The dual feed system, which synchronizes the upper and lower fabric feed, enables any type of fabric to be fed smoothly without causing sewing slippage. This feature improves sewing efficiency and achieves beautiful finish of all projects.

Sensor Function

Sensor function

By using the sensor pen with the model equipped with the sensor function, the stitch width and position, and sewing end point can be set on the fabric. This feature eliminates any wastefulness caused by resewing.

Guide Function

Guide function

The model equipped with the laser guideline marker can help the machine to feed the fabric straightly, by indicating the sewing position and the edge of the fabric using a laser. This feature eliminates any wastefulness caused by resewing.

Natural Resource Conservation

World Wide Compatible

World Wide Compatible

By adopting dual-voltage (100V/200V) compatible parts and circuit design, our machines can be used in many different countries and regions. Our products are constantly being delivered to customers all over the world, so we are making efforts to save resources, such as by using increasingly smaller packaging.

  • *The LCD screen of the VF1 can display 13 languages, including English, German, and Japanese.

Consideration for Resource Recycling

Material Identification for Plastic Parts

Material identification for plastic parts

For easier and safer recycling, some plastic parts are marked with recycling codes to indicate the material used.