Brother Group has been committed to conducting environmental conservation activities all over the world. Here we provide the outline of these activities as well as videos taken on location.


Environment and Education​

The Americas

We are involved in various conservation activities across the great American continent.Brother International has begun to participate in forest renewal and preservation.We are also initiating educational programs to increase environmental awareness, with our employees as the central figures in the programs.

High Tatras mountains: the reforestation project


We are proud to introduce the project of planting trees in the High Tatras mountains in Slovakia. In order to restore these mountains - a symbol of the country - we are implementing environmental conservation activities together with “ZASAD STROM”, a local NPO.

Project Manta - to save the marine life


Brother has been working together with Earthwatch, an international non-profit environmental organization, on ecological research on manta rays and conservation activities in order to save the marine life in Australian waters.

cosystem Restoration Project in the Brother Forests in Gujo


Brother Industries, Ltd. has been taking several measures in Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, in order to bring back the biological diversity the former ski slopes. In association with academia and local government, the company strives to explore the possibilities for further effective tree planting based on research and analysis.

Mangrove Reforestation Project in Thailand


Although 50% of mangrove forests in Thailand have been already devastated, employees at BROTHER COMMERCIAL (THAILAND) LTD. (BCTL) strive to restore the mangrove forests to a healthy condition. The tree planting activity, which BCTL employees work on with the local people and business acquaintances, has been firmly taking root in this community.

Project for Combating Desertification in Inner Mongolia

China (Inner Mongolia)

In Inner Mongolia, where further desert expansion has been a growing concern, local Brother employees have been taking several measures to curb desertification, teaming up with OISCA (a public interest incorporated foundation).

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