At Brother, we take protecting the environment very seriously. Therefore, we report our conservation efforts on two different websites which feature our environmental activities: “Brother Earth” and “Environmental Activities.” At both sites, we illustrate our commitment to the environment in many ways. Please visit both sites to become familiar with our stance on environmental protection.

A Simple Outline of Brother’s Wish and Activities to Protect the Earth

Brother Earth Working with you for a better environment.

Brother Earth

Brother Earth was launched for two reasons: First, in order to share our wish and on-going efforts for environmental protection. And second, to introduce the various environmental technologies that we develop. Our goal for creating Brother Earth is to explain our activities in an easy-to-understand way to the general public while offering everyone an opportunity to readily join one of our projects, such as “Click for the Earth.” If this sounds like something that may interest you, visiting Brother Earth is the first step to learning about Brother’s numerous environmental activities.

Brother Group’s Environmental Activities Communications

Environmental Activities

Environmental Activities

The “Environmental Activities” pages set numerical targets with some concrete data while listing the Brother Group’s environmental policy, action plan, and achievements. As we strive to improve the Brother Group’s effort to achieve a sustainable society, we are committed to providing a wide range of information concerning our environmental activities with our stakeholders.

Brother’s Worldwide Environmental Conservation Activities

Global Activities
Expanding the Circle of Brother Earth Activities—Worldwide

Middle East
The Americas