Brother Group environmental activities range widely over various conservation projects in different parts of the world. We are also in the business of creating eco-conscious products. In this section you will find inside information about how our engineers desire to develop our advanced environmental technologies and to improve our manufacturing process.

Toner Cartridges Recycle

Expanding the Technology All over the World through Developing Recyclable Toner Cartridges.

As a manufacturer of printers, it is our mission to recycle toner cartridges. This page introduces the recycling technology developed by Brother.

The environmental performance of our printers is improved by using air flow.

We achieved the ideal air flow by using tailored simulation technology.

Our compact yet eco-friendly printer.It is the embodiment of our persistence in pursuing the ideal air flow.

Brother’s Joint Project among Three Countries - Package Design Optimization.

Aiming to resize the package while maintaining its strength, Brother has achieved the optimal solution - a remarkably quality packaging.

The key to increasing rotation speed and decreating power consumption was "sound"

A Faster Rotation Rate While Saving Energy - This is What We Achieved.

Brother’s innovative way to achieve the highest rotation rate among home sewing machines while reducing the electricity consumption.

Brother’s Manufacturing Factories Where Our Energy-Saving Philosophy is Embodied.

Aiming to reduce CO2 emissions, Brother takes measures at our eco-conscious manufacturing factories which called Eco Factories.

Aiming at an infinite supply of zero standby power.

Taking Up the Challenge of "Zero Standby Power".

In order to reduce standby power consumption as much as possible, Brother’s engineers are devoted to creating innovative technologies.

Coatless Surface is our deep consideration for the environment.

The Reason that Brother does not Coat its Printers.

To reduce the effect on the environment during production, Brother developed state-of-the-art Coatless Surface technology.

Our aim was sleek machine tool energized by recycled electricity, much like an eco-friendly compact car.

Brother's Energy-saving Technology is Similar to Technology Employed in Eco-friendly Cars.

In order to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and power consumption, Brother has developed Power Regeneration technology.

Planetarium Dome "Brother Earth"

Our Wish to the Next Generation of Children

For the purpose of conveying how precious our planet is, Brother offers many opportunities through the planetarium dome "Brother Earth."

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