Planetarium Dome “Brother Earth”

Interest and understanding about the universe leads to protecting the beautiful global environment.
With this hope, we have named the planetarium dome, “Brother Earth.”

We at Brother Industries have high hopes that all children develop an interest and knowledge of space and science which can in turn promote dreams for the future. Hence, we have become partners with Nagoya city for the naming rights of the newly constructed planetarium dome at Nagoya City Science Museum, and have decided on the name, “Brother Earth.”
The reason for selecting this name is that we wish to convey the message that, in the universe, our beautiful planet is irreplaceable.

“Brother Earth” is the world’s largest planetarium dome.
A highly realistic view of the starry heavens can be projected using cutting-edge technology.

“Brother Earth” has been recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest planetarium dome in the world, with an inside diameter of 35 meters. The planetarium screen can display the starry sky without distortion.
A highly realistic view of any night sky is created by combining an optical planetarium with a digital one. The former can precisely project the movements of celestial bodies, such as planets and the phases of the moon, and display twinkling fixed stars in the correct position and with accurate brightness.
The digital planetarium can project the skies at any given point in time — past, present or future, as if you are traveling through the universe in a time machine.

We offer “Multilingual Audio Guide” to English speakers who visit the science museum in order to help them explore the wonders of science.

Brother Industries, Ltd. provides "Multilingual Audio Guide".
The feature of this service is enabling the visitors to install a free application to their own smartphones, instead of providing the lending equipment.
Additionally, English audio guide will start playing automatically by mere approach to the each exhibition.
Through this service, overseas visitors can also enjoy the exhibitions more comfortably.

Download page:URL

Various events are planned and held to provide abundant opportunities to contemplate how precious our global environment is.

Brother Industries, in cooperation with Nagoya City Science Museum, has been actively hosting many invitation-only events. For example, at the 50th Anniversary of the museum, the opening event “Brother Earth — an evening with stars, lights and environment” (December 2012), welcomed Mr. Reiji Matsumoto, the well-known illustrator of Galaxy Express 999 and Director of the Young Astronauts Club-Japan (a public interest incorporated foundation). A workshop to build an eco-friendly LED candle and a mini-concert were also held.
And in March 2013, the Second Anniversary of Brother Earth (planetarium dome) was held, featuring a lecture meeting by Mr. C. W. Nicol, an active writer and environmental activist.
Brother intends to continue to provide the children who visit the Science Museum and their families with wonderful opportunities to contemplate how precious our global environment is, now and into the future.

Nagoya City Science Museum

2-17-1, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi
460-0008, Japan
The Forest of Art and Science, in Shirakawa Park
TEL: 81-(0)52-201-4486
FAX: 81-(0)52-203-0788

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