Power regeneration


Power regeneration technology is technology that collects and reuses excess power generated by part of the machinery, with the objective of improving overall energy efficiency. When negative torque is applied to a rotating motor for deceleration, excess electricity is generated and this regenerative energy can be recycled. This technology has been applied to a wide range of applications, such as hybrid vehicles, trains, and large-capacity elevators.


Before Generated power is dissipated as heat.

The main spindle rotates using electricity from the power source to the motor through an amplifier. Before power regeneration technology was utilized, a resistor converted energy generated when the motor is decelerated or stopped into heat and then released it.

After Regenerated power can be recycled.

The power regeneration controller collects the energy generated when the motor is stopped. When voltage (DC) exceeds the AC current flowing from the power supply, the power regeneration controller is initiated. The controller returns the converted electricity from DC to AC to the power source.


Save the energy dramatically.

By taking advantage of this technology, power consumption has been successfully reduced approx. 20% of that of current models. In comparison with other general machining centers, our product can limit its power consumption per cycle by *approximately 80%. This is a significant saving of energy. We are proud to provide such an overwhelmingly-high level of environmental performance in the industry.

  • Compared with our specified #40 machine tool as operated by the Brother machining program. Actual electricity consumption may vary depending on machinery use conditions and which tools are used.


Significant reduction in electricity cost.

Today, machine tools are indispensable in the manufacturing processes of various industries. Introduction of our machining centers by the hundreds leads to a significant reduction in electricity cost.


Brother’s energy-efficient machining centers have already demonstrated outstanding energy-saving performance. However, our engineers are honest in saying that “current performance can still be improved,” In order to push the boundaries of environmental performance, Brother decided to launch a new project, with power regeneration technology as the key. What is it? And, what kind of obstacles stood in its way? Consider the engineers’ struggle to reduce electricity consumption by 20% without increasing cost. Here is the story of their strong will and courage.

  • Our aim was a sleek machine tool energized by recycled electricity, much like an eco-friendly compact car.

    M&S Deveroper Fujii Kazuyuki

  • Improving on the high environmental performance of the machining center

    Machining centers are machine tools that are able to produce various parts using various machining methods, such as cutting, drilling and other kinds of operations, all under computer control. Nowadays, the machines are indispensable in the manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries, including automobile, electrical appliance, and information technology. As a machine tool is usually introduced into a manufacturing floor by the hundreds, its energy efficiency as well as its machining performance affecting product quality and production efficiency are fully taken into account. Brother has actually made a low-power machine tool by adopting the high-efficiency rotating motor made by Brother, so that the machine tool already boasts high-level environmental performance. In spite of this achievement, Brother, as a company employing the eco-friendly slogan, “Brother Earth,” should seek to further the possibility of making the machine more energy-conserving. To enhance the current environmental performance, we are eager to push our technology to its limits. After this desire of each and every engineer took shape; we launched a new project—implementing the development of power regeneration technology.

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  • The power regeneration technology created an unexpected obstacle—noise.
    This was what we should overcome to achieve our goal.

    Our target was to reduce electricity consumption by 20% compared with our current models without increasing cost. And the key to this development was power regeneration technology—technology that collects and reuses power generated by a motor when it rotates, which has also been adopted for hybrid vehicles. The adoption of this technology should be possible in theory. However, during our development work with cooperative manufacturers, we faced a technological obstacle—a noise problem. To be specific, noise generated during electricity regeneration caused an error within circuit boards of the machining tool. Using too many noise reduction filters would just result in cost increase. Although we had a hard time dealing with this problem, through trial and error until late at night and hearing opinions from experts outside the company, we took enough time to identify where the noise was generated and to resolve each and every problem. Furthermore, through in-depth discussions with parts manufacturers, we created a control panel with an unconventional structure in order to achieve both high-level environmental performance and reasonable cost.

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  • Faster, stronger, and friendlier.
    For our customers and our planet, we will make more contributions.

    Through these efforts, we have finally created a compact machining center, “SPEEDIO” series. The power regeneration technology is introduced into all of the models, and SPEEDIO boasts various features, such as high-efficiency spindle motor, energy saving pump, LED type worklight, and automatic power off function. The series achieves high production efficiency and highly precise machining ability that Brother has always sought to acquire. At the same time we reached the target of 20% reduction in power consumption. Compared to other general machining centers, SPEEDIO successfully reduced power consumption per cycle by 80%. If multiple units are introduced into factories, a considerable reduction in electricity cost is expected. As we move into the future, we will continue to create products that can contribute to our customers and our planet. “Faster, stronger and friendlier”— with this motto in mind, engineers at Brother put forth relentless effort.

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  • Epilogue:

    We seek a sleek machine tool energized by recycled electricity, much like an eco-friendly compact car. With the same amount of electricity, the smaller machine can move even faster. With the same speed, the lighter machine can operate using less electricity. Our machine boasts high speed, a sleek, strong body and environment-friendly performance. It also looks exquisite, indeed. With our slogan “Brother Earth” in mind, we will continue to create tangible results, as groundbreaking products. We, engineers at Brother, proudly consider this as our responsibility.

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The compact machining center SPEEDIO has been released,
achieving overwhelming productivity
and excellent environmental performance based on Brother's original technologies.

Our aim was a sleek machine tool energized
by recycled electricity,
much like an eco-friendly compact car.

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