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In the past, toner cartridges used in printers were thrown away as waste. Then, Brother developed “recyclable toner cartridges”, and created a “recycling automation system” while also constructing a system for collection. Because this reduces waste but maintains the best quality of the products, Brother has earned the respect of European customers, who are deeply concerned about the environment.


The Recycle Technology Centre in U. K. not only develops recyclable toner cartridges, but is also working on a recycling automation system. Using automation improves efficiency and reduces the impact on the environment, while maintaining the best quality of toner cartridges.

Collecting Toner Cartridges.

In order to increase awareness of recycling, Brother aims to encourage customers to send used toner cartridges to them (at no cost). By making use of postal or private courier service, it reduces the environmental impact caused by collection and delivery.

Expanding New Technology All over the World.

Brother Industries Slovakia is the main hub for recycling toner cartridges in Europe. This factory has developed various technologies, working together with the Recycle Technology Centre in the U. K. The centre introduces the resulting know-how of Brother Industries Slovakia to Brazil, the United States, Japan and others, and supports the world through the use of our technology.


Brother recycles toner cartridges that were thrown away as waste. In order to minimize the variation in quality after recycling cartridges which had been used in various environments, completely new “easy-to-recycle cartrigdes” were needed. The deep concerns about the environment in Europe make what is impossible, possible.

  • We are expanding the possibilities of recycling for the future global environment.

    Juan Torres-Carot Project Manager, Recycling Technology Centre

  • Our Commitment to Answer Customer's Environment-Related Concerns.

    In Europe, people are deeply concerned about the environment. Our customers are no different, so they send us various opinions and suggestions. As a result, we started to develop recyclable toner cartridges. In order to fulfill our commitment as a manufacturer of printers, we deal with recycling. To reuse what would otherwise be thrown away as waste has a significant meaning to us. As we are experts in the field of toner cartridges, we understand the structure and material of each part and we are the ones who can think about how to recycle them.

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  • Designing Recyclable Toner Cartridges.

    Previous toner cartridges were not designed to be recycled, so working out how to recycle them was not so easy. After trying again and again, we decided that we would design, from the ground up, toner cartridges which can be recycled.
    After our cartridges are delivered to our customers, they are used in various environments. However, no matter what the environment, customers wanted cartridges which were equal in quality to new ones. Consequently, our recycling automation system was developed and introduced in order to minimize sample variation. The automation of the process keeps the quality high and also reduces the environmental impact.

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  • Expanding the Know-How Worldwide.

    Through this process, the recycling of toner cartridges was started in 2004. The cartridges, which are collected from all over Europe, are gathered together in the factory in Slovakia, and then recycled into new ones. The Recycle Technology Centre also plays a role in providing support to, and solving any problems which may arise in, Brother Industries Slovakia. We share information with the factory through teleconferences or reports, visit the factory regularly, and communicate with factory management, and technology and quality control managers. Along with sharing our know-how about recycling, we introduce related data and materials to Brazil, the United States, Japan and so on. We will create worldwide technical support.

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  • Our Mission for the Environment.

    Our commitment to reduce environmental impact through the recycling of toner cartridges has been highly valued. In 2014, we were awarded two prestigious prizes in the “Responsible Business Awards 2014” held by a British NPO, “Business in the Community.” Our work in providing a service for sustainable cartridges and our contributions to local areas and environment has been recognised. We are proud that our efforts to deal responsibly with recycling have been received so positively. The Recycle Technology Centre is committed to continually work on our technology and know-how related to recycling. For Brother, “recycling” is an important part of the company’s responsibility. We will keep providing high quality cartridges and services to customers and, furthermore, aim to contribute even more to the environment.

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The recycling of toner cartridges is being expanded from Europe to the world. It will continually improve the recycling technology and work towards reducing environmental impact.

Along with the development of recyclable toner cartridges, Brother has constructed a recycling system.

Aiming at delivering high-quality toner cartridges
and having a positive effect on the environment.

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