Brother Earth

Working with you
for a better environment

Making our products even more useful, compact, reasonable, and energy-saving.

We at Brother strive to develop superior products, providing the best value to each and every customer.

Starting with sewing machines, our business has expanded to include a wide range of fields, such as information communication devices and industrial machinery, supplying customers around the world. We constantly seek to meet the expectations of people of various countries, languages, and cultures, by creating highly innovative products.
Our ongoing challenge is to realize a sustainable society.

Our aim is printers with zero standby power consumption, and we have been developing machinery which can take advantage of recyclable energy.

We operate green factories with minimal power usage and work to reduce environmental impact in each of our business activities, including manufacture, sales, service, etc.

At the same time, we actively participate in international conservation efforts, such as tree planting and mangrove reforestation.

One hundred years have passed since our establishment. To move forward on this earth for the next 100 years, we will continue to increase our awareness in environmental considerations.

Brother Earth

Working with you for a better environment

— with this message of “Brother Earth” in mind, we continue to move towards the future,
living on this beautiful earth with you, irreplaceable and precious.

Consideration of Environmental Performance in All Product-related Factors

By adopting cutting-edge energy-saving technologies, we seriously consider measures to reduce impact on the global environment throughout the manufacturing process, from development and design, to manufacture, and then recycling. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of our environmental performance, such as developing zero standby power consumption, and creating printers with coatless-surface components.

Compliance with Rigorous International Environmental Standards

In 2008, by meeting the then current standards, Brother’s inkjet all-in-ones were acknowledged as the world’s first Blue Angel certification, widely recognized as one of the most rigorous eco-label system. Many Brother’s products, with their superior energy-saving performance, are also in conformance to the requirements of the International ENERGY STAR Program.

First in the Printer Industry to be Certified as an Eco First Company

The Brother Group has been certified as an “Eco First Company,” as established by the Japanese Ministry of Environment as of May 2012. This achievement was the first in the printer industry. Since then, Brother has been gaining recognition as a leading eco-conscious company in Japan.

Click to Donate — Supporting Environmental Conservation Activities with you

We seek to create a better global environment with as many persons as possible. With this in mind, the Click to Donate project was born. Click once a day. For each click, Brother will donate one yen (approximately one U.S. cent) to support environmental conservation activities throughout the world in your behalf.

Reflecting the Hope of Brother in the Planetarium Dome

The new planetarium dome has been named “Brother Earth,” in the hope that children of the next generation will deepen their understanding and interest in the universe and develop an earth-conscious awareness. Nothing would make us happier than if children remember our hope each time they stare up at the star-filled night sky.