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The Challenge to Create Environmentally Friendly Products

Printing Business: Challenges in energy conservation

To use electricity, we need to generate power. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power have increased in recent years, but most electricity is generated by thermal power using oil, coal, and natural gas. Therefore, the use of electricity creates carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which lead to global warming.
Brother is developing power-saving technologies for printers to reduce CO2 emissions to deliver eco-friendly products. We also work to obtain environmental labels that help the customers both overseas and in Japan choose eco-friendly products.

Low Energy Standby, a new norm in power-saving technology

Unless they are unplugged from the outlet, televisions and air conditioners consume a small amount of electricity to maintain their functions even when they are off, known as standby power. Since printers also consume standby power, Brother developed a new low standby power technology called Low Energy Standby, with the concept of halting the flow of electricity when the power is off to reduce standby power to almost zero.

Predicting airflow and improving environmental performance

Laser printers generate heat internally during printing. When heat accumulates, it can shorten the life of the printers by deforming or altering components. Designing for greater efficiency in heat dissipation will extend the life of the printers and also lower the required use of cooling fans that disperse the heat inside the printers, resulting in a reduction of power consumption. By introducing the latest simulation technology, Brother estimates the airflow inside the printer at the design stage and improves environmental performance by enhancing air circulation.

Meeting the world's highest environmental standard, the Blue Angel

All Brother products sold in Europe have received the Blue Angel certification. The Blue Angel is the world's first environmental label created in Germany, a pioneer in ecological advancements. To qualify for this label products must meet the world's most stringent environmental standards. The label has become one of the key purchasing criteria for people looking for eco-friendly products.

Environmental Label Blue Angel


SDGs goal 13 calls for "taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts". By lowering the power consumption of its products, Brother contributes to alleviating climate change by reducing the generation of large amounts of CO2 and its significant impact on global warming.

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