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Restoring and Preserving Lost Forests

What we can do to preserve the richness of nature for the future

Forests are irreplaceable in their role as filters for the carbon dioxide (CO2) we create as part of our daily lives. They reduce global warming, prevent landslides and floods, and purify water. However, forests worldwide are rapidly disappearing for various reasons, such as logging, land clearance, wildfires, and climate change. Brother develops their environmental conservation activities under the slogan "Brother Earth". We are working with environmental groups and local communities around the world to protect and restore forests.

Reforestation and education through tree planting: The Americas

The American continent is vast, divided into north and south, and faces various environmental problems in many areas. Forests that suffer severe damage by fires and insects require decades to recover to their original state. Since 2010, Brother International Corporation (U.S.A.) has been working with the Arbor Day Foundation, a forest conservation organization, to plant trees, together with employees, their families, and local residents, to restore damaged forests as quickly as possible. Additionally, we are also working to implement educational programs to raise environmental awareness aiming for sustainable environment conservation.

The Americas: Environment and Education

Reforestation of the High Tatras Mountains: Slovakia

The High Tatras Mountains, located in the northern part of Slovakia, are abundant in nature and included in the national anthem as a national symbol. In 2004, a large-scale natural disaster destroyed 12,000 hectares of forest. The disaster affected the ecosystem and the water cycle, including flooding, resulting in severe damage. Brother Industries (Slovakia), in cooperation with the forest protection organization ZASAĎ STROM, and the participation of many employees and their families, together with local residents and staff of the national park, plant trees. Through these activities, the Tatra Mountains are gradually regaining their original beauty.

High Tatra mountains: the reforestation project in Slovakia

Conservation of tropical rainforests: Peru, Papua New Guinea

To promote environmental protection activities in the Amazon River basin, Brother International (Europe) formed a partnership with Cool Earth and together with Brother's 20 European sales offices, promotes the Cool Earth Eco-Rewards initiative, which provides financial support for global warming prevention activities based on the number of consumables such as toner and ink cartridges collected. The funds go towards activities to protect tropical rainforests in Peru and Papua New Guinea. Through the preservation of tropical rainforests, we help reduce CO2 emissions and protect the rare creatures that live there.


SDGs goal 15, “life on land” includes target 15.2 which aims to protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems by "halting deforestation, restore degraded forests" Additionally, SDGs goal 6 “ensure access to water and sanitation for all” including target 6.6 which aims to “upgrade infrastructure and retrofit industries to make them sustainable.” Brother works to restore lost forests and pass on a beautiful planet and an environment essential for all living things to future generations.

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