About Brother Earth

Brother Earth

Working with you for a better global environment

Brother Earth is the slogan for the Brother Group's environmental activities.
With this slogan in mind, we are working to reduce the environmental impact in all our business areas and protecting the environment worldwide.

Brother Earth Initiatives

Brother Group's Environmental Initiatives

Brother Group's Environmental Initiatives

All Brother products delivered to customers worldwide have the latest energy-saving technologies and are designed thoroughly to reduce their impact on the global environment, from development and design to manufacturing, transportation, and recycling. Moreover, Brother Group employees globally are actively involved in environmental conservation activities such as tree planting in cooperation with local communities.

Click Donation

The Brother Earth Click Donation is an environmental conservation activity that you can do with one click. Your one click equals one yen and used for environmental conservation activities by Brother.We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone around the world who has participated in the Click Donation program for their generous support.

Endangered Species

This is our daily-digital-tear-off content that features one endangered species per day, drawn with just a single line in watercolor. Though they may disappear someday, these endangered species are still alive today, and through these images, we convey the importance of biological diversity and connections.

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