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Head office of Brother Sales wins “Outstanding eco office award”

Brother Sales, Ltd. (“Brother Sales”), the sales company of the Brother Group in Japan, received* the “Outstanding eco office award” from Nagoya City. This award is given to the most outstanding offices in terms of taking active eco-friendly approaches among “eco offices” under the eco office certification system established by Nagoya City.

Under the Brother Group’s environmental slogan “Brother Earth”, Brother Sales has actively been taking environmentally-friendly approaches in its business activities, focusing particularly on the certification test for environmental specialists (“eco test”) and eco drive activities.

In the eco test activity, all Brother Sales employees studied hard to pass the examination, and about 90% of them succeeded. Meanwhile, in the eco drive activity for CO2 reduction, Brother Sales held workshops and adopted eco cars to raise its employees’ environmental awareness in driving cars. For these efforts, Brother Sales received the 2016 certification of eco drive activity by the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation.

In recognition of these activities, Brother Sales was certified as an “excellent eco office” under the eco office certification system by Nagoya City in 2014. It was also chosen as one of the winners of the “Outstanding eco office award” among excellent eco offices in February 2017, recognized as an office which showed the most excellent performance and served as a model for other offices. The highly valued factors include high environmental awareness in the whole Brother Sales and the united efforts of the company and its employees in eco activities, and the system in which the collected consumables of Brother products are converted into eco points and used for tree planting and social contribution activities.

Award ceremony

Outstanding eco office award

The Brother Group promises to continuously take positive steps to protect the environment in all aspects of its business operations.

* The criteria for an “eco office” certified by Nagoya City stipulate the office should be located within Nagoya City. For this reason, Brother Sales received this award in the name of its head office

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