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To understand the sea, know the manta. An international project to protect marine life.

The "reservoir of life", home to the highest number of endemic species in the world.

Located some 7,000 kilometers from Japan, Australia is said to be home to a great number of species, of which many are endemic. It is known as "the reservoir of life" and has seen considerable research and study into the rich variety of life forms. This project too could only happen in Australia.

The rapidly-changing ecosystem

Due to the changes in the natural environment, the level of marine biodiversity is being lost at a rapid pace. To address this issue, Brother International (Australia) joined forces in 2008 with Earthwatch, an international, environmental NPO, in order to begin supporting marine life.

Protecting sea life through the manta

The aim of the project is to study the biochemical character of the Australian seas. The manta plays an important role in maintaining the ecosystem, and it is easily recognized by its specific physiology. Through studying the manta, it should be possible to understand the ecosystem of the surrounding seas and, if possible, to carry out conservation activities. This should contribute to the protection of Australia's marine life.


Brother International (Australia)
CSR Manager

Alex Rodruigez

The work on biodiversity that Brother's employees are carrying out with Earthwatch is very important. It provides a great opportunity to deepen our understanding of the challenges, and to move on to the next step. Furthermore, by actually visiting the research locations we have also come to learn exactly how useful Brother's support is. Two-thirds of the earth is sea. A large percentage of the human body is composed of water. We will stress the importance of protecting the marine environment, encourage all our employees to think deeply about environmental issues, and keep working on our commitment to the sea and the life it supports.

Project Note

Learn about the ecosystem through mantas, and apply it to their conservation.

Manta rays, which are recognizable in the sea because of their charismatic form, are the best indicator of the impact of environmental changes on the marine environment and coral reefs. By relating the data on the distribution and migration of manta rays to the major oceanographic changes, the current conditions of the oceans can be revealed.

Convention on Biological Diversity at COP 10 and Aichi Biodiversity Targets

The “Aichi Biodiversity Targets” are the global targets that constitute the heart of the “Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020”. The conference reached the agreement that “effective and urgent action to halt the loss of biodiversity should be taken” by 2020, and the twenty individual targets that the parties have to implement, called the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, were decided upon. Brother has been continuously working on Project Manta, along with implementing a program to learn about diversity, as part of their corporate efforts in order to positively promote the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

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