Japan Brother's Forest Gujo, Project for restoring ecosystem and interacting with the locals


Restore the lost nature.
Restore the diverse ecosystem to the neglected mountains.

Restoration of the mountains, with the locals

Gujo City in Gifu Prefecture is located in the heart of Japan. It is a mountain range located in the south of the Hida mountains, and is blessed with endemic plants.
In the past, a number of ski resorts were developed one after another as development accelerated along with economic growth. As time passed, most of them were closed down and the unused sites had been neglected, which resulted in a negative effect on the ecosystem. Brother began to commit to restoring the mountains in Gujo City, located in Gifu Prefecture, from 2008.

Joint Research with Nagoya University

Not all the trees we planted took root or grew fully. As we progressed in the research, we found that some of the seeds are not ideal for taking root into the soil and some of the soils are not suitable for taking root. We decided we needed more academic knowledge and research, thus started collaborative research with Professor Takano at Nagoya University. We studied how our planted trees grew and what kind of organisms lived in the area by season.

Aiming for nurturing more organic forest.

Following the result of the research, we made a new plan to turn some areas unsuitable for planting trees to prairies and choose areas most suitable for planting trees. Then, we started to find a Gifu butterfly, a Japan originated unique butterfly, and rare kinds of animals and plants. That proves we have a forest with ecological diversity. To study the area helps us know more on Gifu butterflies and the restoration of forest which have not been understood academically yet.


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Brother celebrated a 100-year anniversary in 2008. That was when we decided to give back to our society and started planting trees in Gujo city, Gifu prefecture. There were times when our seeds didn't grow and things looked hard. After so many hours of studies and researches, we gradually started to see more plants and insects. For us, it is such an honor to work with Gifu prefecture, Gujo city, and Nagoya University. Along with this collaborative approach among industry, government, and academia, we are planning to have more time interacting with the locals.

Project Note

Restoring the lost nature and nurturing forest loved by the locals.

As a collaborative project with Gujo city, we have started planting trees since 2008. With the help of Nagoya University, we made an effective plan to implement on planting trees and witnessed the restoration of abundant ecosystem. We will continue to restore the environment aimed at having "Brother's Forest, Gujo" loved by the locals."

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