Inner Mongolia Project for Combating Desertification in Inner Mongolia Preventing the further spread of desertification


A project to promote greenery and prevent rapid desertification

The increasing spread of desertification

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China, located in northern China, used to be covered with grassy steppes where the nomadic tribes rode their horses around. However, over-cultivation and overgrazing (by goats, etc.) due to population growth accelerated the desertification in this area. This desert area is still expanding, and strategies to counter this are needed quickly.

Stopping the desertification which itself brings about other negative effects

Many local people are forced to move to other places because their houses have been buried by sand while those living in urban areas are suffering the effects of yellow sandstorms. In 2012, Brother launched the Project for Combating Desertification. Since then, the company has continued to tackle the desertification problem, cooperating with OISCA (a public interest incorporated foundation).

Seeking to promote greenery and improve the living environment for local people

The main activity of this project is encouraging greenery by planting trees. Together with the OISCA members and the local people, local Brother employees have been making tireless efforts to plant trees to reforest the once green plain. So far, 10,000 seedlings have been planted. In order to grow these trees in the harsh natural environment, well drilling was also conducted and the groundwater was successfully pumped up. The project members also support the local residents who were adversely affected by desertification. To be specific: proposing new alternative livestock and ways of selling herbal medicine.


Brother Industries, Ltd.
General Planning Office

Shingo Honda

I have been participating in this project since the beginning in 2012. Until I came here for the first time, I just tried to picture how the desert was in my mind. After actually seeing the desert, I was completely overwhelmed with a sense of fear by such a vast, empty, sandy area. Now, working together with the OISCA members, I really feel that fighting against the further spread of desertification is our responsibility.

Project Note

Always working to protect the lives of the local residents, by preventing desertification.

The project exists to stop desertification in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China, located in northern China. Besides planting trees for greening, we support the daily lives of the local residents (proposing new jobs, etc.). So far, 10,000 seedlings have been planted since 2012. Gradually, new greenery has started to take root. Many people expect this project to continue on.

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