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To ensure the splendor of nature is here for generations to come arises the campaign for environmental preservation activities.

Environmental issues in every part of the Americas

Because of the vast extent of North and South America, a wide variety of environmental issues can be found throughout the regions. Brother (Americas) has been supporting local communities within our 12 respective locations in the Americas for environmental preservation activities. We have set the groundwork towards continued efforts with hands on participation and implementation of educational campaigns to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Engaging with organizations dedicated to the preservation of trees and wildlife

Since 2010, we have planted more than 70,000 trees in collaboration with the “Arbor Day Foundation”. We also engage in tree planting activities with local environmental preservation organizations across the Americas who are dedicated to the conservation of forests and water quality. Events such as “Earth Day” are supported by Brother to encourage local individuals to take part in preservation activities whether through trail clean up or planting trees.

Educational programs for raising environmental awareness

Besides local environmental preservation activities, Brother focuses on education towards environment awareness. As a part of orientation, new employees receive information about Brother Earth, Eco-point and environmental programs in order to familiarize them with our philosophy as well as to invite them to participate. It is our hope that by providing awareness, they will champion environmental activities with their families, friends and communities, thus laying a foundation towards future sustainability.


Senior Vice President

Henry Sacco

Our response to the question concerning “how to counter balance the burden on the environment resulting from our business operations” is to engage in collaborative activities with the Arbor Day Foundation and other environmental preservation organizations for reforestation and forestal preservation. Through our ongoing activities in the Brother (Americas) 12 locations, we hope to have a positive impact on the environment. We aim to spread the motto, “At Your Side.” to a global scale through our efforts to manage preservation of remaining forests and precious resources.

Project Note

Activities and education for ensuring the splendor of nature is passed from generation to generation.

Due to the vast extent of the North and South American continents, there are a variety of environmental issues that can be addressed. Brother began its environmental journey by participating in reforestation and forest preservation activities in collaboration with local organizations engaged in conservation, along with developing and implementing educational awareness programs for our employees. We will continue to support such activities to ensure generations to come can enjoy the splendor of nature.

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