Brother Green X'mas ~Projection Mapping on Brother Earth 2015~

We want children to be interested in, and understand about, the universe and science. We want them to have big dreams for the future. We also want them to know how beautiful the earth is, and think about the importance of this planet. This is why we have become the ""naming rights partner"" of Nagoya city, and named the planetarium at the Nagoya City Science Museum, "Brother Earth".
The projection mapping event, "Brother Green Christmas - Projection Mapping on Brother earth -" held at the world' largest planetarium, and featuring movies about the environment and Christmas - was intended to introduce more people to Brother's products, services, and our work on saving the earth's environment. We will introduce the events that were held on 2014 and 2015.

Digest video


AR video



A toy factory on a planet, almost ready for Christmas.
The Green Santa Clauses are busy preparing presents for the children on earth.
Meanwhile, the Little Santa stands up to help the adult Santa.

"What do children on earth want for Christmas?"

They decided to take a look through the telescope,where they will be able to see what the children want.
There was a variety of presents which children were hoping for.
The Little Santa Claus finds one that caught his attention:
a boy crying in the desert.

What did the boy want? Just to see some signs of nature in the desert.

The Little Santa Claus couldn't help it.
He jumped on the sled and took off, to go and plant trees where the boy was living.
However, as there were only two of them, they couldn't make a big difference.
The Little Santa Claus and the boy fell to their knees, exhausted.

The Green Santa Clauses were looking at them from above, and were moved by the sight.
They wanted to help the two figures down on earth, and decided to put a little device on all of the presents that will be given to the children.

Little Santa Boy in the desert Green Santa Claus

Japan's first! Projection mapping
collaboration with the AR(*1)

An image of the projection mapping collaboration with the AR

Japan's first (*1) projection mapping collaboration with the AR controlled by a smartphone app, and a bonus movie.

*1: According to Brother's research. November 18, 2015.