Brother’s sales facility in Vietnam conducts tree planting to create a green island by restoring its original ecosystem

On July 12th, Brother International (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. (“BIC(V)”) carried out tree planting at “Eagle Island” floating on Tri An lake in Dong Nai Province, which is located approx. 65 km far away from Ho Chi Minh City.

Since 2011, BIC(V) has been planting trees in various places where adverse impacts of the Vietnam War still remain in ecosystems, such as rainforests badly defoliated by Agent Orange.
Marking its fifth time this year, BIC(V) planted 200 seedlings of “Tram” in Vietnamese, an indigenous breed of Dong Nai Province, in order to restore the original ecosystem in Eagle Island.

On the day of this activity, 40 employees of BIC(V) started tree planting once after arriving at the destination, Eagle Island. They were divided into two groups: one group responsible for cleaning bushes and digging holes and the other group for putting seedlings in those holes. They could plant a total of 200 “Tram” seedlings along the coast of this island.

  • bicv_1_activity

    Participants were broken into digging and planting teams

  • bicv_2_member

    Planting Tram seedlings


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