Brother’s 17th tree planting at Brother Forests in Gujo takes place concurrently with a festival in Gujo

Since 2008, Brother has regularly been planting trees in an eight-hectare area which used to be a ski resort, in Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture. Brother organizes this activity twice a year, spring and autumn, and has planted nearly 4,800 broad-leaved trees until now.

The 17th tree-planting was held on May 21st, concurrently with the “Green Festival,” which Gujo City hosts every year. The Green Festival is an event where people, together with children who will bear the future of this city, think about the importance of forest preservation through various practical activities. Brother started working with Nagoya University two years ago, and since then has been conducting ecosystem studies and interviews with related people to create a clear forest vision of this former ski resort. Considering involvement of local people is a vital portion of our initiatives, Brother asked for Gujo City’s cooperation to hold the 17th activity on the same day as the city’s festival.

Under strong sunshine, a total of 300 participants, including Brother employees and their family members, local elementary school students, joint research members of Nagoya University, and staff members of the Gujo city office and a forestry association, conducted this activity. They were divided into tree-planting groups for planting seedlings and checking groups to examine the growth of trees planted in the past.

The tree-planting groups, which consisted of the Brother employees and local school children, planted seedlings in a new area where no seedlings had been planted until then, and also complemented the area where planted seedlings had not taken root well with additional seedlings. They were able to plant 350 seedlings in total on this day alone. Meanwhile, the checking groups examined the annual growth of 250 trees planted last spring, by measuring the trunk thickness and height of these trees.

After the work, they enjoyed making craft products and pencils while receiving instructions from local residents. It was a good opportunity for the Brother participants to enjoy and deepen their awareness of forests and interaction with local people.

Some participants gave their feedback, such as “I enjoyed working with local school children in the same group.” “I would like to create richer Brother Forests that is beloved by local people.” “I was motivated by the recognition that our examination would help future forest growth.”

Brother will continuously promote activities to enhance biodiversity in Brother Forests in Gujo.

  •  Tree planting

    Participants planting seedlings

  • Measurement of the tree

    Participants measuring a trunk thickness

  • Craft workshop

    Craft workshop

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