The 18th tree planting activity at “Brother Forests in Gujo”―Brother has planted approximately 5,450 seedlings for nine years

Brother has been conducting tree planting activities every spring and autumn since 2008 at a former ski resort in Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture. The number of seedlings planted during these nine years has reached more than 5,450.

The 18th tree planting activity on October 15th had the participation of 100 people, including Brother employees and their family members, the joint research members of Nagoya University, and the staffs of the Gujo city office and a forestry association.

In the field, the participants were divided into tree-planting groups and checking groups to do respective work. The tree-planting groups complemented the area where planted seedlings had not taken root well with additional 250 seedlings. The checking groups, with three members per group, measured the thickness of tree trunks and the height of trees for 280 trees planted in the past.

The growth research, which Nagoya University started two years ago, has found that the growth situation of the seedlings differs according to the area they were planted. Brother, together with Nagoya University, will continue to explore the growth situation to find an appropriate planting way for recovering the ecosystem of Brother Forests.

  • gujo_1

    The scenery soon after the 4th tree planting activity was conducted in 2009

  • gujo_2

    The same area as of 2016

One of the participant said, “I realized the forests have grown when I found chestnuts on the ground. Another commented, “I have participated in this tree planting tour several times. Seeing the trees growing bigger convinces me of this tour’s positive results.

Brother will continue to promote ecosystem protection in “Brother Forests in Gujo.”

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