Brother’s environmental views “Project for Combating Desertification in Inner Mongolia” wins awards at a Chinese volunteer movie festival

Brother (China) Ltd. (“BCN”), the Brother Group’s sales facility in China, launched a project for combating desertification in Inner Mongolia in 2012, and since then has been working on this project in cooperation with the public interest incorporated foundation OISCA. The environmental views “Project for Combating Desertification in Inner Mongolia,” a documentary movie produced to introduce this activity, received critical acclaim and won two awards in the enterprise category at the China International Philanthropic Movie Festival, one of the largest volunteer movie festivals in China.

This award-winning movie portrays how OISCA, local people, and BCN’s employees, have been undertaking tree planting together in order to improve the everyday lives of local people and prevent desertification, which causes yellow sand storms, and also conveys how participants feel about the project.

  • mon_1

    Picture of pastured emus

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    Picture of participants planting trees

This year’s movie festival as a whole received 739 applications, which included 201 applications in the enterprise category. Winning works were selected based on votes on the web and judges’ evaluation. Brother’s movie won the following two awards with 1,127 votes.

◆Enterprises’ Social Responsibility Innovation Award (for six enterprises in total)
An award for enterprises’ notable activities in both social contribution and corporate activities, recognizing them as model cases for enterprises
◆Excellent Awards of Enterprise Charity Video (for ten enterprises in total)
An award honoring enterprises’ attitudes toward their activities, quality as a film work, and innovativeness

The environmental views, where the award-winning “Project for Combating Desertification in Inner Mongolia” is published, also introduce worldwide environmental protection activities which Brother supports through its donation initiative “Click for the Earth.”

We will introduce environmental protection activities conducted by the Brother Group.

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