Fiscal year 2018 points and donation amounts for each activity have been determined

We hereby report points and donation amounts of each activity for the 2018 Click for the Earth campaign during the period from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

Total points accumulated during fiscal year 2018 resulted in 707,274 points, which can be converted into 707,274 yen at a rate of one yen per point. These donations will be distributed on behalf you to each activity based on the number of points it received. The following list shows the donation amounts for each activity.

We highly appreciate your participation in the 2018 Click for the Earth campaign and much support from all over the world.

We sincerely wish you to join this earth friendly program again for this fiscal year.


Donation amounts
Protecting the Amazon Rainforest in Peru
65,078 points
JPY65,078(586USD )
Replanting our Natural Resources
43,714 points
JPY43,714(393USD )
Central and South America
Rain Forest Rescue
45,499 points
JPY45,499(410USD )
Replanting Our Nation’s Forests
46,937 points
JPY46,937(422USD )
Volunteering in a Marine Ecosystem Research Survey
42,707 points
JPY42,707(384USD )
Forest conservation through tree planting and removal of non-native species
166,468 points
JPY166,468(1498USD )
China (Inner Mongolia)
Efforts to combat desertification
68,573 points
JPY68,573(617USD )
China (Shenzhen)
Tree planting and removing non-native plant
34,664 points
JPY34,664(312USD )
Helping a Seed-planting Program to Protect the Mangrove Forests
74,928 points
JPY74,928(674USD )
The Reforestation Project in the High Tatras Mountains
42,044 points
JPY42,044(378USD )
Contributing to Reforestation at a Former Quarry Site
41,976 points
JPY41,976(378USD )
China (Zhuhai)
Tree Planting Activity at the Seashore Park
34,686 points
JPY34,686(312USD )
  • The US dollar (USD) exchange rate is 1 USD = 111.1 yen (public bank rate as of April 1, 2019).

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