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We achieved the ideal air flow by using tailored simulation technology.

How to effectively release the heat generated when printing and maintain the desired temperature? To resolve the issue of the buildup of heat trapped in the printer, and to create a high-performance yet compact printer, our engineers put all their passion into working on a new "air flow".

Bringing together contradictory goals.

A high-performance printer has more parts, yet we also wanted to work towards a compact printer. Improving the printing speed raises the temperature of the internal parts, but it is also necessary to maintain the desired temperature. How to work out this apparent contradiction? The breakthrough came from the passage of air (the "airflow") through the very small gaps between precision parts. By effectively controlling the airflow, we aimed at improvements in durability and energy performance.

Transforming artisanship into digital data.

Until recently, when measuring airflow, a prototype was used and it took a long time to get the final result. Adjustments required high level design technique applied by skilled engineers. However, the introduction of cutting-edge simulation technology made it possible to predict the air flow at the design stage. This led to a notable increase both efficiency and the speed of the refinement process.

Realizing the ideal airflow.

With the ideal values from simulation, and countless adjustments to the actual product, we realized an airflow of unpredecented efficiency. Through increasing both thermal and energy efficiency, we have been able to maintain a stable temperature inside the machine and thus increase its lifespan. At this point, this is the ideal airflow. The result of all this is a high-performance yet compact printer.

Project Note

From the airflow comes a reduction in the environmental burden.
Even the things we can not see have been improved.

The newest printers feature an airflow of an efficiency not seen until now. This contributes to increased durability of the inner parts, and an improved product lifespan. Furthermore, by reducing the number of cooling fans, we achieve a reduction in electricity consumption. We are witnessing the birth of the most environmentally-friendly printer yet.

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