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The reason why Brother does not coat its printers

Brother's "Coatless Surface Technology", has decreased the environmental load caused by coating. In the pursuit of innovation, our development team has shown great creativity and enthusiasm towards a coatless surface technology with a glossy finish. Let us take a look at the challenges the engineers faced to maintain a balance between design, eco-friendliness, and functionality.

A further step towards environmental protection

Since 2009 we have used the coatless surface technology to finish the printers, and reduced the VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. Furthermore, Brother has worked on maintaining the balance between eco-friendliness and design along with the integration of the exterior parts with the functioning parts, while maintaining a high-quality exterior appearance.

Design and functionality standing side by side

In the integration of exterior parts and functional parts, the creation of components with a high-quality finish was a result of reconsidering the resin applied, refining the metal which makes the texture of the product itself, and other factors. For the document cover, which is expected to be perfectly flat, design simulations were carried out through computers, detailed adjustments of the metal were made, and many other actions were carried out within the trial manufacturing period.

The engineers' challenges keep coming.

As well as being able to contribute to the environment, Brother can cut many costs through application of the "Coatless Surface Technology". Brother's printers are found in offices and homes all around the world. This is one reason why Brother always keeps eco-friendliness, functionality, and price in mind.

Project Note

Brother's "Coatless Surface Technology"
When beauty meets environmental consciousness

Brother's printers, continually keeping the environment in mind. Brother is committed to our way of production: creating all printers* with coatless parts, since 2009. Accordingly, our contributions to VOC reduction and energy saving at the time of manufacturing were realized, leading to the development of our “Coatless Surface” technology. Brother successfully created a wide range of coatless printers with a high-quality exterior appearance, resulting in an improvement both in design and eco-friendliness.

* All inkjet, laser printers and all-in-one printers released after 2009, excluding garment printers (as of March 2013)

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World’s first Blue Angel certifications

The Blue Angel eco-label system is operated by the German Federal Environmental Agency, the RAL gGmbH, and certain other organizations. In 2008, Brother’s inkjet all-in-ones were acknowledged as the world’s first Blue Angel certifications by meeting what were at the time the current standards.

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