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The technological revolution in the industrial sewing machine industry, helping to reduce the environmental burden on the industry.

The industrial sewing machine - supporting our clothing lifestyle. Working without compromise and making products to keep our customers satisfied. These ideas bring about new standards.

Manufacturing which breaks the mold.

"We want to focus all the power of Brother's technology and make even better products". The 1980s saw the development of a new industrial sewing machine, brought about by this concept from inside our company. At the time, the conventional method was to have the motor located outside the machine. However, the design team focused their efforts not on the designs of the time, which had little scope for improvement, but on ways to dramatically improve energy efficiency. The final result was the "Direct Drive", with the motor inside the machine.

Team Brother - working together to make the impossible into the possible.

We encountered many unprecedented challenges while developing unprecdented ideas . The key was joint development which broke down the normal boundaries between teams. Brother works on not only the sewing machine itself, but the motor as well. The combination of both teams' knowledge and close co-operation, together with concentrating the power of our technology, allowed us to succeed in developing this highly difficult issue. Finally , in 1992, we succeeded in mass-producing Direct Drive sewing machines.

The spread of highly valuable technology.

Through the use of Direct Drive technology, electricity consumption was reduced by around half that of normal machines of the time. This proved immeasurably useful to factories with more than a thousand machines. The response time and ease of maintenance were well regarded, and the use of Direct Drive in other makers' machines also increased. Even today, Direct Drive supports the worldwide apparel industry and helps to reduce the environmental burden.

Project Note

In the industrial sewing machines of the time, the motor was outside the machine.
Through the use of Direct Drive, electricity consumption was reduced by around 50%.

1980~In the 1980s and 1990s, it was common practice for industrial sewing machines to have the motor outside the machine and connected to the belt. Brother's creation was Direct Drive, where the motor powered the machine from inside the machine itself. This resulted in less energy loss and a reduction in electricity consumption.
In 2003, since the development of the fourth generation of Direct Drive machines, it has spread throughout the industry as the new standard.

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