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Brother's manufacturing factories,
where our energy-saving philosophy is on full display

Brother has been focusing on taking measures to enhance the environmental performance of each product, as well as making our factories eco-friendly ("eco factories"). With the newest facility, reduct the CO2 emission while maintaining a high productivity, and keep the costs reasonable. We will introduce the enthusiasm and efforts of the team confronting this issue.

Becoming an eco-factory through trial and error

Having already acquired ISO14001* certification at all the factories in both Japan and overseas, we continue our work in accordance with the Environmental Management System. Specifically, we strive to reduce materials and energy usage and meet environmental standards for all discharges from factories. To be an eco factory, we pay special attention to those facilities which consume large amounts of electricity, such as lighting, air conditioning, and power generation facilities.

Utilizing natural energy sources and modern equipment will minimize energy consumption.

At the Xian factory in China, for example, skylights in the ceiling of the factory were installed, resulting in lower electricity consumption. The automatic switch-on/switch-off system will turn off the lights when the inside of the factory is has enough natural light. In addition, Brother has adopted the centralized control system for air conditioning and lighting for the first time, and was thus able to prevent wasteful operation.

Unprecedented challenges will create a new standard.

At the factory in the Philippines, established in 2013, Brother has fitted the factory with 100% LED lights. Their power successfully reduced the number of lights to be installed by approximately 40%, which led the factory to be recognized as one of the highest energy-saving production factories in the Brother group. Activities to reduce the environmental burden are steadily increasing year by year in Brother production factories around the world. "Eco-friendly" is a never-ending effort. Brother will continue to take on this challenge.

Project Note

The eco factory is evolving.
We are dedicated to the endless pursuit of energy-saving.

Having already acquired ISO14001* certification at all the factories, both in Japan and overseas, we take constant measures to reduce CO2 emissions, and strive to achieve the best energy-saving products in the industry.
In the fiscal year 2013, we were able to achieve a 26.9% reduction compared to the fiscal year 2006, which was achieved 7 years ahead of our 2020 midterm target. Brother will continue to work on eco factories to be friendlier to the environment.

*1 When a new branch is created, as a rule it is to operate based on ISO14001, acquire the ISO14001, and develop high-level environmental conservation activity.

*2 Brother’s manufacturing facilities in the USA function as a sales base, and therefore their CO2 emissions are managed as actual results of the sales base.

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