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A faster rotation rate while saving energy - new territory for Brother's sewing machines.

Brother's sewing machine, launched in 2013, achieved the highest rotation speed while also being energy efficient. High rotation, low energy. To bring together these two characteristics, which usually run contrary to one another, a new viewpoint was needed. The engineers who faced this new challenge showed the Brother's enthusiasm towards sewing machines and the environment.

Brother's concept of the sewing machine, continually changing from the moment of our founding.

Brother's history started with the sewing machine. Since the achievement of mass production of home sewing machines in 1932, the progress made by Brother's sewing machines has never stopped. Easier. Safer. Better-performing. We want the machines to be easy to use, and give the user a real sense of achievement. From the earliest machines to the present moment, our attitude of continuing to push the limits has never once wavered.

The challenge of raising rotation speed while lowering power consumption.

The challenge this time was to improve the maximum rotation speed. Doing this would improve the efficiency of the machine and bring significant benefit to the user. However, the implementation of this plan was far from easy. The engineers ran into an issue with the capacity of the power source. The amount of energy needed to power the rotation increased, but we could not increase the size of the power source in the machine. The only option left was to reduce power consumption.

The low-noise belt - the result of a different viewpoint.

The breakthrough in this challenge came in the form of "sound". One of the engineers realized that a reduction in sound also meant a reduction in power consumption. From that point, we put all our energy into coming up with a quieter timing belt. We repeatedly conducted tests and worked on improvements. The result was a 30% reduction in power consumption compared to the current models. This figure - higher than we had anticipated - fired up the team. It was a new achievement in the history of Brother's sewing machines.

Project Note

The creation of the fastest home sewing machine.
A 30% reduction in power consumption.

The design parameters of the belt drive installed in the newest home sewing machines, allowed us to cut power consumption by about 30% compared to our previous models, while keeping high rotation speed and low noise. This created a cutting-edge sewing machine with both usability and energy-saving performance.

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