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Brother's joint project among three countries - package design optimization

How can we safely transport Brother products while also considering the environment? For a company like Brother, which has many manufacturing facilities and sales offices, the packaging of products is a very important issue. Our goal is to downsize as much as possible while maintaining the level of strength. With an engineer in China as the driving force, this problem is being tackled in China, Japan and Vietnam.

Reducing CO2 emissions from product packaging.

Brother transports goods worldwide from our manufacturing facilities and sales / service centers in 44 countries around the globe. This sometimes means journeys of up to several thousand kilometers. The products are protected by our packing until they reach the hands of our customers.

From horizontal to vertical : turning our ideas around.

After careful consideration of factors like packaging material, structure, and setting, we came up with the idea of changing the "horizontal" layout of the packaging to a "vertical" layout. This resulted in less force being placed on the packaging and a reduction in size. Repeated drop tests, along with experiments and analysis, led to the conclusion that we had come up with a safer packaging method.

Engineers co-operating beyond national borders.

For a company like Brother, which delivers products all over the world, the reduction of CO2 at the time of transport remains a major issue. We will continue to work on smaller and lighter packaging, so that more items can be transported at one time. We will aim for an even greater reduction in CO2 at the time of transport, through the co-operative efforts of engineers from China, Vietnam and Japan.

Project Note

Using our new packaging, born from this turn-around in ideas, we deliver Brother's printers.

Brother continues to reduce packaging size and in so doing improve the efficiency of transportation and reduce the burden on the environment. Comparing models HL-2270DW (from 2013) and HL-L2365DW (from 2014) shows a 5% reduction in packaging volume and a cut in CO2 emissions at the time of transportation of approximately 550t (※2) per year. While maintaining strength and safety, we will aim at even more environmentally-friendly packaging.

*1 Comparison of HL-2270DW (2013 model) and HL-L2365DW (2014 model), in case of when vessel (40FT HQ) is loaded.

*2 Comparison made between HL-2270DW (2013 model) and HL-L2365DW (2014 model) for each destination and under the same conditions.

* Not all countries have adopted the vertical packaging system.

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