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Brother's energy-saving technology is similar to the technology employed in eco-friendly cars

"We want to challenge the limits of energy-saving technology". A project aiming at energy-saving technology for the machining centers started with the enthusiasm of the engineers. The key was "power regeneration", a technology applied to hybrid cars, trains, elevators, and more. We will take a look back at the challenges the engineers have overcome, to reach this goal.

Making eco-friendly technology even better.

The machining center is active in various manufacturing scenes covering various industries. Along with its proccessing capacity, its energy conservation is also important since it is common to see them introduced in unit numbers reaching several hundred. Although Brother's products are already of high quality, the enthusiasm of the engineers to make the products even better by challenging the limits is what started the project.

The power regeneration technology met an unexpected obstacle—noise.

The key to this development was power regeneration technology—technology that collects and reuses the power generated by a motor when it rotates. However, during our development work with cooperative manufacturers, we faced a technological obstacle—a noise problem. We spent a lot of time to locate the point making the sound, investigated it, and found a solution for it. Furthermore, through in-depth discussions with parts manufacturers, we created a control panel with an unconventional structure in order to achieve both high-level environmental performance and reasonable cost.

Yet further advances in productivity and energy efficiency.

The power regeneration technology is introduced into all of the models of the SPEEDIO series. SPEEDIO boasts various features, such as a high-efficiency spindle motor, energy saving pump, LED type worklight, and automatic power off function. The series achieves the high production efficiency and highly precise machining ability that Brother has always sought to acquire. At the same time we reached the target of a 20% reduction in power consumption.

Project Note

Faster, stronger, and friendlier.
For our customers and our planet, we will go further still.

By taking advantage of this technology, power consumption has been successfully reduced by approximately 20% when compared to current models. Compared to other general machining centers, our product can limit its power consumption per cycle by *approximately 80%. This is a significant saving of energy. We are proud to provide such an overwhelmingly high level of environmental performance in the industry.

※Compared with our specified #40 machine tool as operated by the Brother machining program. Actual electricity consumption may vary depending on the conditions of machine use and which tools are used.

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