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To use resources effectively to minimize our environmental footprint.​

As part of circular economy initiatives, Brother is working to collect and recycle Brother products such as used cartridges and machines. Customer cooperation is essential for this activity. We are making it easy for all Brother customers.​

Brother New Zealand has a comprehensive recycling programme.

At Brother New Zealand, customers can request recycling bags and boxes and send Brother products free to the recycling facility from anywhere in the country. Used cartridges and machines are also collected at major retailers and service agents nationwide. 99% of the collected products and parts are recycled. All customers are encouraged to take part in this initiative.​

Reuse and recycling​

Since the programme began (April 2008), Brother New Zealand has collected and recycled used cartridges equivalent to 500 tons so far. Cartridges are recycled for reuse, and product parts are granulated for recycling.

Realizing a sustainable society​

Brother New Zealand is a certified carbon neutral organization across all areas of operation and recognised as one of the top five carbon reducers in New Zealand. From April 2011 to March 2018, carbon emissions were reduced by 45%. We will continue our environmentally friendly efforts to contribute to sustainable development.​

Project Note

Carbon Neutral​

Carbon-neutral refers to removing the same amount of carbon dioxide from the environment as is released into the environment.

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