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Taking up the challenge of "Zero Standby Power".

Standby power is the power that is consumed even when the operation of a product with a connected plug is stopped. Brother aims to make this power very close to zero. The low energy standby technology that has been developed is called "Green Standby". During the development process, the engineers worked hard and investigated alternative ideas in order to challenge commonly held ideas about energy saving.

Breaking with conventional ideas and moving towards new ones.

Brother, in aiming for a high-level energy-saving capacity, has set its goal as "Standby power zero". Brother's focus was on stopping the electricity current while the power is off. However, a new power supply board was necessary to realize this idea. The process of designing a new circuit and selecting new components led to a continual process of trial-and-error.

In pursuit of the ultimate point of low energy standby

With "Green Standby", the electricity consumption decreases as the number of times charged by the capacitor is reduced, while the longer the discharge time, the more the standby power can be maintained at close to zero. We also considered the possibility that the owner may mistakenly restart the device, leading to an increase in electricity consumption. We have worked towards a low energy standby and low power consumption, after a continuous period of trial-and-error.

Green standby, continuously developing

The "Green Standby" gained attention as one of the eco-friendliest technologies in the industry at the time it was announced. The engineers' enthusiasm led to a further development, achieving a decrease of the power consumption of a standard low–capacity power supply to 1/500. Even lower power consumption is possible. Standby power: zero. Brother will continue to work to make this dream technology real.

Project Note

Bringing standby power as close as possible to zero

"Green Standby" - the newly developed technology, reducing standby power to nearly zero. The standby power consumption of inkjet printers is reduced to approximately 0.04W, and that of laser printers, 0.02W. Brother has developed its original ultra-low-capacity power supply, which is used in a dual power supply system. With this system, we achieve extremely high efficiency, which allows 1/500 the power consumption of a standard low–capacity power supply.

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