Today's Total:


Overall Total:


  • Peru3,505pts

    Conserving the tropical rainforests

  • Canada2,495pts

    Developing forest resources through tree planting

  • Guatemala2,505pts

    Protecting the rainforests

  • USA2,492pts

    Reforestation through planting trees

  • Australia2,781pts

    Supporting the manta ray ecosystem research survey

  • Japan6,491pts

    Reforestation through tree planting and removal of non-native species

  • China (Inner Mongolia)2,098pts

    Efforts to combat desertification

  • China (Shenzhen)2,090pts

    Tree planting activities in Shenzhen

  • Thailand2,615pts

    Efforts for mangrove reforestation

  • Slovakia7,481pts

    Reforestation in the Tatras

  • China (Zhuhai)2,138pts

    Tree Planting Activity at the Seashore Park

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