Slovakia Slovakia Tatras mountains the reforestation project Planting trees to ensure beautiful forests in the future.


Recovering our pride in nature.
A reforestation project to recover from disaster.

Even the national anthem sings of these abundant mountains.

The Tatras Mountains, a mountain range in northern Slovakia featuring mountains of 2,000 meters and a wide variety of terrain, are home to a wide range of life. Furthermore, they are a symbol of the country itself, they feature in the national anthem, and are considered irreplaceable by the Slovakian people. However, 2004 saw a large-scale natural disaster which caused significant damage. It is hoped that the mountains can recover from this.

Bringing back the beautiful forests

The natural disaster saw the loss of 12,000 hectares of forest, and even now the ravaged, bare surface of the mountains can be seen. In order to bring back the original, beautiful figure of the mountain range, Brother Industries (Slovakia) joined forces in 2015 with a local NPO, [Zasad Strom] and started a tree-planting project.

Ensuring that the riches of nature continue into the future.

The goal of this project is to bring back the beauty of the Tatras mountains and ensure that they survive into the future. Local people, staff from national parks, and Brother employees (and their families) all take part in the project. Through this, many trees have been planted, Zasad Strom nurture the saplings, and slowly the Tatras mountains start to come back to their original state.


Brother Industries (Slovakia)
HR Manager

Lucia Boyle

This project, to reforest the Tatras mountains, is important not only to the local people, but to us all. There is great meaning, not just in revitalizing the richness of nature, but also in showing the next generation how to live with nature. Our goal is to plant many trees while strengthening the co-operative relationship between us. It takes time to see the results of these efforts, but we will continue to work on this project for future generations.

Project Note

Ensuring that the riches of nature continue into the future through the tree planting project.

The Tatras mountain range in Slovakia suffered great damage due to a natural disaster. To return the mountains to their original state, Brother began a tree-planting project in 2015 in collaboration with a local NPO. Through this project, we hope to restore the mountain range and to transmit the appreciation of nature and awareness of environmental conservation to the next generation.

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