Zhuhai city, China - A project to improve local envoronmental awareness. - An environemental conservation activity,based locally and with plans for expansion.


An opportunity to improve awareness of the environment. Changing local awareness of the environment.

Zhuhai city, a special economic area, continues to develop.

Zhuhai city is a special economic zone that is close to Shenzhen and Guangzhou. It is still continuing to develop as part of China's economic zone. Environemental issues are something we need to address. Zhuhai Brother Industries, China's manufacturing base, has been involved in a tree planting project since 2007, to raise awareness among local people. With over 300 participants, we now feel that this project is (literally) taking root in the local area.

Our tree planting activity : 10 years and still going.

Zhuhai Brother Industries was quick to agree with the China-wide tree planting project starting in 2007.
10 years later, with the cooperation of the Seashore Park, the project is still going strong. In August, 2017, a typhoon struck China, including Zhuhai. Seashore Park suffered considerable damage, including trees being knocked down. However, thanks to the tree planting activity, recovery is underway.

Towards a project with deep local roots.

Zhuhai Brother Industries has continued to work on the tree planting activity for over 10 years. From 150 participants at the beginning, there are now 300. We feel this activity has, so to speak, taken root through the staff, their families, and the local people. We aim to provide even more opportunities people to become more aware of the environment.


Zhuhai Brother Industries, Ltd.
General Management Department, Accountant

Zheng Heng

Brother, as a manufacturing company, has thought long and hard about its responsibility to address environmental issues. The reason why we plant trees in local places is to engage people's interest in the environment in their daily lives.We wish to expand our environmental conservation activities from China to the world, and contribute to increased environmental awareness.

Project Note

Aiming to increase environmental awareness through locally-based activities.

Zhuhai city is a special economic zone that is continuing to develop. Zhuhai Brother Industries addresses the damage from urban development, and continues to work on a locally based tree planting activity . Not just as a company, but with our staff, their families and the local people, we aim to increase everyone's environmental awareness and expand environemental conservation activities in the local area.

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