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Brother Earth’s Outline

Brother Earth’s Outline

Q:What is “Brother Earth”?

A:Brother Earth describes our positive attitude and commitment to our communities and our planet—our goal is to play our part to help build a society where sustainable development can be achieved. At Brother we will always take responsibility, act respectfully and try to make a positive difference.
The Brother Earth site mainly conveys our desire to be considerate to the Mother Earth, as well as stories related to this development. It also offers “Click for the Earth” to support various environmental conservation activities. By simply clicking on that page, you will generate a one point donation to Brother Earth. On your behalf, Brother will donate your contribution to various environmental conservation activities being conducted all over the world. Furthermore, this site showcases the trials and activities we undergo in order to achieve a sustainable society.

Click for the Earth’s System

Click for the Earth’s System

Q:What is a “Click Point”?

A:A click point is the point that is used in “Click for the Earth” on the Brother Earth website. Points will accumulate to each charity project based on how many clicks each project receives. According to the cumulative points, Brother will donate on your behalf to various environmental conservation activities in different parts of the world.

Q:Do I have to pay if I click?

A:No. You never have to pay for your clicks. "Brother" will pay on your behalf.

Q:How much money is donated with one click?

A:In accordance with the number of points accumulated from your clicks, one yen (about one cent USD) will be donated to an environmental conservation project around the world for each click.

Q:Can I click as many times as I want?

A:No. You can only click once per day. You can return every day to click again and add more Brother Earth Points.

Q:It's a different day, but the site won't let me click again.

A:We have multilingual versions of Click for the Earth (Japanese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish) for visitors from all over the world. Our day therefore begins at midnight Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, the world's standard time).
Therefore, if you click once and later click again before midnight GMT, your second click will not count, even if it is the next day where you are. Thank you for your understanding.

Q:Do accumulated points last forever?

A:No. All accumulated points are reset on April 1 in accordance with Brother's fiscal year.
Reports on each fiscal year's accumulated point totals and how actual donations were used are always available on our Reports page.
Click here for details.

Q:Will my personal information be sent when I click? Will it be given to anyone?

A:Your personal information is encrypted before it is sent, so there is no need to worry about your personal details being leaked. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

How and Where Donations are Used

How and Where Donations are Used

Q:How are donations used?

A:Donations are used to fund conservation projects designated by the Brother Group.

Q:How are donations actually made?

A:Once a year, Brother Earth Points received from your donations are converted into money and donated to Brother Earth projects.

Q:Can I find out what happens to the donated money?

A:From April 2011 on, we will publish a series of report pages on the website to inform you of the matter.

Click for the Earth’s Actions and Displays

Click for the Earth’s Actions and Displays

Q:Why doesn't "Your click points" match the actual number of times I've clicked?

A:"Your click points" is managed using browser cookies. If you change your browser in between visits, the cookie will be erased and your accumulated points will be reset.
Even if the cookie is erased and your points are reset, your actual Clicks for the Earth will not disappear. Those figures are stored in a database.

Q:I can’t view the "Click for the Earth" page.

A:You may be attempting to view the page in a browser environment other than the recommended ones. Please confirm the operating system and browser you are using.Please click here to check the recommended environments.

  • Click for the Earth is displayed using JavaScript, so it may not display correctly depending on your browser's settings. In that case, please change your browser's options/preferences to enable JavaScript and then reload the page.

Q:I can't click to donate/My click wasn't counted.

A:The server you are using may be over capacity. Please wait a little while and then try again.
If the problem persists after several attempts, please let us know the details through our "Contact us" page.

  • If you do not follow the regulations on daily permitted clicks, for example by clicking more than once a day, any additional points from multiple clicks on a single given day may be removed from your account.

About the Site’s Display

About the Site’s Display

Q:Can I view the desktop version of Brother Earth on a smartphone or tablet computer?

A:Yes, you can. This website automatically detects the user’s device type and shows the most appropriate version of the site. If you use your smartphone/tablet and prefer to view the desktop version, tap the button “Desktop Mode” on the bottom of each page. Then you can see the desktop version of Brother Earth. Also, when you browse the desktop version on your smartphone or tablet, you can magnify the screen by zooming in, and see larger area of the screen by zooming out.