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In order to ensure that customers can select our eco-conscious products with confidence, Brother meets the various requirements set by each country and region around the world.

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Environmental label

There are various types of environmental labels in countries and regions in the world.
Environmental labels indicate that a given product has been manufactured and operates in consideration of the environment. They also assist customers to readily identify and select eco-conscious products. Environmental labels include two categories: one has three different types of labels (Type Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ) , standardized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO); and the other is called a compliance label, indicating that a given product complies with specific performance criteria. Although each label has different eco-conscious requirements and standards, Brother Group has actively acquired these environmental labels in many countries and regions where Brother Group distributes its products. Of course, this is being done in consideration of environmentally conscious customers’ needs. For reference, here are some of the major environmental labels acquired by Brother.


The Blue Angel(German)

The Blue Angel

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This eco-label system is operated by the German Federal Environmental Agency, the RAL gGmbH, and some other organizations. In July 2008, Brother’s MFC-6490CW and DCP-6690CW were acknowledged as the world’s first Blue Angel certifications in the field of inkjet, all-in-one printers. They accomplished this by meeting the then current standards.
Brother products have obtained Blue Angel labels mainly in the fields of printer and all-in-one.

Nordic Swan(Scandinavian countries)

Nordic Swan

This eco-label is administered primarily by the Nordic Ecolabelling Board, and is used in five Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland).Brother has obtained this label mainly for printers and all in ones.

China Environmental Labeling plan (China)

China Environmental Labeling plan

This government-run eco-label (the Ten Circle Mark) is issued by the China Environmental United Certification Center under the jurisdiction of the State Environmental Protection Administration.Brother has obtained this label mainly for printers and all in ones.

Eco Mark (Japan)

Eco Mark

This eco-label is issued by the Japan Environment Association. It is awarded to products that minimize environmental load and aid environmental protection across their entire life cycle from production to disposal.Brother has obtained this label mainly for printers and all in ones.

List of products that acquired Eco Mark

Environmental Choice(New Zealand)

Environmental Choice

This eco-label was introduced by the national government of New Zealand, and is issued by New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust.Brother has obtained this label mainly for printers and all in ones.

Green Mark (Taiwan)

Green Mark

This eco-label was introduced in Taiwan by the Environmental Protection Administration, and is issued by the Environment and Development Foundation.Brother has obtained this label mainly for fax machines and multi-function centers.

Korea Eco-labeling Program (South Korea)

Korea Eco-labeling Program

This eco-label is issued by the Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute that was established pursuant to the Development of and Support for Environmental Technology Act.Brother has obtained this label mainly for printers and all in ones.


EcoLeaf (Japan)


This eco-label is awarded to products that disclose quantitative information about their environmental characteristics. It is managed and issued by the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry. Brother Industries, Ltd. has received "System Certification*" in the Printer and Facsimile Business (registered name) and is working on acquiring the EcoLeaf label for main products.

Carbon Footprint (Japan)

Carbon Footprint (Japan)

Carbon Footprint is a mechanism to visualize the emissions of greenhouse gases (in CO2 equivalent) from procurement of raw materials to disposal and recycling of products. It is issued by the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry. In May 2014, FAX-2840, MFC-8520DN, and MFC-8950DW became the first desktop black-and-white laser All-in-Ones, and HL-5440D, HL-5450DN, and HL-6180DW became the first desktop black-and-white laser printers, to acquire the label. Five product models were certified in FY2015.

Conformance Labels

International ENERGY STAR Program (the U.S.A., Japan, Canada, and Taiwan)

International ENERGY STAR Program

This is an international energy saving program for office equipment. Its logo is awarded to products that meet the energy-saving standards.Brother has obtained this label mainly for printers and all in ones.
List of products that qualify the standards of International ENERGY STAR program

Energy Conservation Certification (Energy saving label)(China)

Energy Conservation Certification

This eco-label is from China. It recognizes products for their energy-saving performance.Brother has obtained this label mainly for printers and all in ones.

EPEAT (in the U.S.A.)

EPEAT (in the U.S.A.)

EPEAT is an environmental rating* for electronic products that is managed and administered by the Green Electronics Council (a non-profit organization). The environmental criteria underlying the EPEAT system are based on the full product lifecycle, from design and production to energy use and recycling. EPEAT product assessment is based on ANSI-approved public standards developed through stakeholder consensus processes. Products are ranked Gold, Silver, or Bronze depending on the level of conformity with the EPEAT criteria.

  • Judgments are based on laws and regulations, etc. in respective countries and regions. Thus, the same product may have different ranks.


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As we head into the future, Brother will continue to offer superior products that comply with
various environmental labels and that can be selected by customers with confidence.

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