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Striving to Meet the Most Rigorous Standards in the World

Blue Angel, the world's first environmental label, was born in Germany, a world leader in environmental conservation. In Europe the Blue Angel environmental label ensures you have purchased in an environmentally conscious way. Brother achieved the Brother’s first-ever Blue Angel certification for our multifunctional inkjet devices in 2008 as one of the leading companies in the industry. Since then, we have strived?to meet the strict standards of Blue Angel for all our products sold in Europe.

The World's First Environmental Label

The Blue Angel Label was born in 1978 and is the oldest ecolabel of its kind. The purpose of this label is to help environmentally conscious consumers choose eco-friendly products, which leads manufacturers to become more environmentally conscious as well. The standards of this label are examined and determined from various perspectives, and only products and services which meet its criteria are permitted to use the label.

Varied and Strict Criteria Designed for an Entire Product Life Cycle

There are currently 113 certification criteria for Blue Angel. These criteria are designed for a wide range of products and fields taking into consideration the environmental burdens of a product. This ranges from the choice of raw materials to disposal methods.

Chemical by-products have to meet the high standards of Blue Angel criteria. Products are tested in a special environment, and substances subjected to these criteria are strictly regulated. Additionally, Brother meets new stringent standards added for dust emissions, we strive to develop technologies that meet the ever increasing demands.

Providing Environmentally-Friendly and High-Quality Products

At Brother, the Japanese development team and the European sales companies work together to reflect the latest trends in our product development through understanding the various requirements of Blue Angel. We continue to strive to meet the strict standards of Blue Angel to deliver high-performance and environmentally-friendly products to our customers.

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We meet the demands of various environmental certifications around the world to help our customers choose environmentally-friendly products. Blue Angel’s standards are some of the most stringent of all the environmental labels around the world. Because Blue Angel is highly recognized and trusted, the products with the label are proven to be environmentally-friendly and safe. Consumers as well as manufacturers can contribute to a more sustainable environment through manufacturing and using such products.

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