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Caring for the environment through electric energy.
Towards a future where hydrogen is utilised more widely.

Brother has been taking on new challenges in many of the new business fields, and we are now entering the electric energy industry. We have been conducting research into fuel cells for many years, while demonstrating the potential of hydrogen. There are many issues that need to be solved in order to popularize hydrogen. However, this technological development has pushed Brother a step foward towards the future.

A company aiming to reduce the burden on the environment

Electric energy plays a big role in our lives. In order for us to extend our future on the earth, there are great hopes for the development of environmental technology. Brother strives to reduce the burden on the environment in all industries and, as the first step, noticed the potential of electric energy. Here, Brother focused on hydrogen, which produces electricity by reacting to oxygen.

The potential of hydrogen: to store and use electric energy.

The primary feature of hydrogen is that it can become a means of storing electricity. A lot of waste is produced when generating power by either solar or wind power, since the productivity may not be precisely controlled. However, we can produce a precise amount of electricity at the time we choose by making use of hydrogen. Hydrogen can challenge commonly held ideas of energy utilization.

With the long-term technology development, connect with the future that Brother imagines.

Brother focused on "fuel cells" as the first step of utilizing hydrogen. As a result of Brother's research, conducted for 15 years and starting at the basics, it can now be customized according to various circumstances. Through repeated tests conduced in extremely low and high temperatures, it was proven that the product has high endurability. By taking on these new challenges step by step, Brother is striving to realize a future where hydrogen use is more common.

Project Note

Brother has taken its first step into the energy industry.
Looking to the future, we will continue to conduct research on the fuel cells.

Brother has been focusing its attention on manufacturing eco-friendly products, and is now working on developing fuel cells. Fuel cells are a clean source of energy (with only water as a waste product) which bonds hydrogen to oxygen in the air to produce electricity. We have continued our research for 15 years, starting at the basics. To ensure operational stability, not only environmental tests, but field tests were conducted in many countries around the world. We will continue to develop products designed for daily use, aiming for a future with hydrogen infrastructure as the main stream of our power source.

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